Decorative Options For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you’re remodeling and renovating or building a new house, you need to focus a large amount of energy on the look of your new kitchen. The look of your kitchen can say a lot about your individual style and personal preferences. Modern kitchens can be accented with up to date, energy efficient appliances and luxurious countertops. The cabinetry, however, will be the first thing that guest notice when they walk into your kitchen.

The kitchen is widely used as the focal point of any home. It is usually the busiest area during parties and meals are prepared and eaten in there. Your kitchen cabinet design needs to reflect your family’s personality and unique style.

Kitchen cabinets are available in many different colors and styles, not to mention materials. For the most part, the colors and stains are chosen to best match the particular wood grain that is used in cabinet carpentry. Stains can range from light and natural looking to deep and rich. Darker woods look great with a deep stain, while lighter colored woods can take light or dark stains. The type of wood used to make the cabinets can also play a role in how the stain takes to the wood. You may want to test out the stain on your particular type of wood before it is applied so you get a good sense of how it will look in your kitchen once it is applied.

Many people decide to install metal cabinetry in their kitchens. These metal cabinets are easily modifiable whenever you want to update the look of your kitchen. Just paint on a new color and your kitchen can take on a totally different personality. You can purchase metal kitchen cabinets that are already painted a certain color to match your existing appliances.

No only do you have to think about the color and material of your cabinets, but you will also need to take into account the cabinet hardware. Handles, knobs and hinges are available in an almost endless array of styles. For the most part, cabinet handles are a gold, pewter or brass in color. There are also some available in molded plastic, but these are of a lower quality and will not stand the test of time. Mounting for the hardware ranges from easy screw-in applications to more comprehensive installs. Be sure to match the hardware with the cabinet as best you can before you install all the metalwork. Make sure you are comfortable having a knob instead of a pull or vice-versa. You can even buy cabinet hardware that is uniquely designed to match the theme of your kitchen or your silverware pattern.

Take the entire kitchen into account when deciding on the best kitchen cabinet design. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house and it should accurately reflect the personality of your family and show off your great sense of style.

Where to Mount Cabinet Door Handles

A simple way to change the look of existing cabinets and drawers is to add decorative knobs and handles. With the wide assortment of materials, designs and sizes available, it is an easy task to find the appropriate hardware that not only adds functionality to the storage area, but will add complement the décor of the room and reflect personal style. Often the proper choice of hardware can be used to pull several elements together to give the impression of a professionally decorated room.

Choosing the right knobs and handles is not the only area where personal style is displayed. Determining the placement can also be a big part not only of functionality, but of design.

Pulls and handles can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Some people choose to install a handle or pull horizontally on drawers and place the same hardware fixture vertically on the cabinet.

New hardware on drawers can also be mounted singularly, in the center of the drawer, or a pair of pulls or knobs can be installed on a wider drawer. Let your choice be made governed by stability and personal appeal.

Once you have decided on the orientation of the new hardware installation, the ideal location of the handle will have to be determined. Make sure that it is within the comfortable reach of the user. Check to make sure there will be proper clearance of nearby appliances when the drawer or cabinet is open, so as not to cause damage.

Before drilling the first hole, picture the symmetry of the finished design. Many rooms have different sizes of cabinets, drawers and doors, and it’s possible that the visual effect of the new hardware will be distracting and unbalanced if it is placement is determined by the door dimension rather that the overall flow. For example, cabinets above the stove and over the refrigerator are quite high, and a door pull placed one third way from the bottom will not only be unpractical for functionality, but can be an eyesore because of it’s placement.

A narrow drawer will look odd with two handles, even thought a wider drawer in the same room may require a double handle for stability.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Installation

You should know that installing a kitchen cabinet can be a tad tricky. This may discourage you to go forward, but rest assured, with some basic information you can complete this task successfully. The first and most important thing that you are required to do before starting is proper measurements. You need make precise measurements, be sure that you spend enough time and effort on this step. You don’t want to run into problems half way and start over again. The best thing about installing kitchen cabinet appliances by yourself is that you can set it up just how you want it. You will get the precise hardware that you like and need and, as a bonus, you will save a lot of money by not hiring a professional to do it for you.

Let’s look at the different options available. You should know that these options highly vary depending on the hardware type that you wish to install. Usually, the first on the list to install are the hinges. You can find a great number of hinges designs on the market, such as the flush mounts and the surface mounts (these two are the most common). The surface hinges are much easier to install than the other versions, all you are required to do is install the hinges across the cabinet front side after doing some basic measurements.

Begin by holding the door in an elevated position so that you can mark the positions of the hinges. The following step requires another person to help you by holding the door. You can call your friend, or neighbor to help you here. Ask him to keep the door in place as you drill and attach the hinges. After this step is complete be sure to screw them in place. All that you are required to do now is to test them. Do the doors swing freely now? If yes, then congratulations you just successfully installed your surface hinges. Be sure to finish mounting the rest of the cabinet doors.

The flush mount hinges are harder to install because you must mark the offsets on the inside of your cabinet. This hinge type wraps around the cabinet door and is normally attached to the back part. The rest of the installing process is pretty much like for the other hinge type that we discussed. You will still need a helper to successfully install the flush mount hinges.

How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

How to choose cabinet hardware doesn’t have to be a totally mind numbing experience. While it can be really overwhelming once you see all the options out there it really isn’t that hard to narrow down your choices based on the type of cabinet that you have. You’ll need to choose what type of handles the cabinets will have as well as what kind of hinge hardware to use.

First things first, where is the cabinet? Is this a kitchen job or are you decorating a game room or living room?

For non kitchen rooms you’ll want to go with a design that fits the room theme. For instance if you have a bar then you can find cute little brass wine bottle handles to attach. If it’s a poker themed game room you can even make your own knobs.

To make a poker chip knob just epoxy a bolt onto the back of a poker chip and install it in the cabinet.

Those are just a few tips for non traditional cabinets. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Now if you’re installing stuff in the kitchen then you’ll probably want something a little bit less outlandish.

For natural wood cabinets you need to look for traditional hardware items. These are typically ironwork or brass finished handles. They add a touch of class to the cabinets. If you have particularly heavy looking cabinets then you’ll need oversized chunky hardware to balance out the look. A dainty knob on large pieces will make it look misshapen.

A great new trend out there is stainless steel cabinets. The sleek modern look of steel doesn’t work well with protrusions. Instead stainless steel needs a flush mount set of hardware to help maintain its sleek look. These are typically custom built into the door during initial construction. If not then you’ll need to get some flanged inset cut handles.

Moving out of the kitchen let’s look at hardware for the utility room cabinets. Obviously these aren’t going to have the same kind of intricate detail as something in a living area. Here you just want to go with functional. Pick up some cheap aluminum handles that will screw directly into the pressboard and laminate cabinets. The holes for these are already predrilled. If you happen to just need to replace one knob that’s popped off you can just upsize the knob with one that has a slightly larger bolt.

How to choose cabinet hardware depends on a few factors. What room is the cabinet in, is it going onto a signature piece or a cheap laundry room style commercial cabinet? The size, shape and even the cost of cabinet hardware will vary depending on the usage.

One last thing to consider when buying new cabinet hardware though is that you’ll need to buy handles and hinges in the same finish. If you start mixing and matching the cabinets will just look off and not have that professional look. Shopping around is going to be the best idea out there.

A Quick Guide to Choosing Cabinet Hinges

Shopping for cabinet hinges can be a daunting task, because homeowners must consider several different aspects of the hardware. Kitchen cabinet hinges come in a large variety of hardware types including partial and full wrap hinges; they are offered in a wealth of materials, such as copper and chrome; and they have many finishes, including black cabinet hinges, white hinges and more. To make the right purchase, homeowners must also take into account their existing cabinetry and kitchen décor. The following is a step by step guide to purchasing the perfect kitchen hinges.

1. Examine Your Cabinets: New cabinet hinges must fit and match your existing cabinetry, in every way. Before shopping for hinges, take some time to examine your cabinets. Do they have a face frame or are they frameless? If they are face framed, do the cabinet doors lie completely on top of the frame around the edges, or are they at a partial or full inset from the frame? These answers will affect whether you purchase partial or full wrap hinges, exposed or concealed hinges, and more. Also look at the height and weight of your cabinet doors, as this will affect the number of hinges you need to purchase. Most cabinet doors require 2 hinges, but if yours weigh over 11 lbs. each, or are higher than 43″, then you may need 3 or 4 cabinet hinges per door. Lastly, look at the overall style of your cabinets. Are they modern or traditional? Dark or light wood? This will affect the color and style hinges you select (see below), although some finishes, such as black cabinet hinges, will look great with any type of cabinetry.

2. Determine Hardware Type: If your cabinets are face framed, you should look for full wrap hinges. Full wrap hinges have plates that form around the back edge of the door or face frame, for maximum strength. For frameless cabinets, partial wrap hinges work well. Other types of hinge hardware include: self closing hinges, to prevent swinging doors; demountable hinges, for easy door removal and replacement; and face mount hinges, which do not require a hole to be drilled in the cabinet door prior to installation. Also consider whether you want exposed or concealed hinges, as this will affect the overall look of your kitchen. Concealed full wrap hinges are the most common types purchased, so you are likely to be shopping for this type of hinge. Be sure to consult an expert if you are unsure about what type of hinge hardware you should purchase.

3. Determine Hinge Material & Finish: Once you have chosen the correct hinge hardware type, it is time to move on to aesthetics. Cabinet hinges come in several different materials and finishes, so you can easily match them to your existing décor. If you have a modern style, consider silvery finishes such as nickel or chrome cabinet hinges. Chrome hinges will have a high-gloss shine that looks great against current design tastes. For more traditional looks, try warmer tones, such as copper, bronze, or brass cabinet hinges. These finishes look great in rustic, country, and traditional kitchen settings. As stated above, black cabinet hinges are a wonderful choice, as they will blend well with any existing décor, and will never go out of style. With a black finish, you can change the entire look of your kitchen several times over, without having to purchase a new set of hinges. This makes black cabinet hinges a good choice for anyone who is unsure about the future of their kitchen.

4. Choose a Trust-Worthy Brand: Hundreds of manufacturers sell kitchen cabinet hinges, so it is important to purchase your hardware from a name you can trust. For example, Amerock Hardware and Belwith Hardware are two of the leading names in cabinet hardware. Take some time to research the company or brand you select, to ensure that they produce high-quality, long-lasting cabinet hinges.

5. Purchase More Than You Need: Now that you are ready to buy your cabinet hinges, count up the number you will need, and then purchase a few extra. This way, if you receive a defective hinge, you will not have to go through the lengthy process of re-purchasing before installing your cabinetry, and you will always have a couple on hand, just in case.

This simple step-by-step guide should help you through the hinge selection process. Once you receive your kitchen cabinet hinges, consult an expert for installation assistance. Even the strongest full wrap hinge can fail if not installed properly, creating both an inconvenience and a safety hazard. Enjoy shopping for cabinet hinges and have fun creating a new look in your kitchen space.

Cabinet Designs Aren’t Complete Without Door Hardware

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money choosing the cabinets in your home, chances are they have become intricate and beautiful home additions. Cabinet designs vary from home to home. Some choose to go with a traditional, simpler look, but some opt for a very ornate and detailed cabinet. Regardless of what style you have chosen for your home, cabinet designs can be greatly compromised if the door hardware they’ve been paired with isn’t a good match. Although some overlook home hardware when it comes to their decorative cabinets, these small details can actually make or break the design’s impact.

Cabinets are extremely important in just about every room in the home. Whether they’re hanging at eye level, adorning a coffee table, or acting as a large decorative piece in the room – guests to your home are bound to notice these beautiful home additions. If you haven’t given much thought to the cabinet designs in your home, they’re a great consideration. Regardless of whether or not you’re interested in a home remodeling project, installing new cabinets is a great way to improve the look and feel of your room. But, even after you’ve chosen beautiful new cabinets – a homeowner’s work is not done there.

Neglecting the door hardware on your cabinets is like purchasing a bookshelf, and not placing anything on it. Although the bookshelf is a strong and decorative piece alone, its overall impact on the room is being compromised if nothing is placed on it. The same goes for your cabinets. Although they’re great by themselves, and are still fully functional, your room could benefit much more if your cabinets were complimented with beautiful home hardware.

A big issue that many face when choosing door hardware for their cabinets is finding home hardware that compliments the cabinets, as well as the room. This is especially important for those who have opted to go with a more decorative cabinet design. If this is the case, it’s important not to over do it. There are plenty of subtle and traditional door hardware options that will serve as a great decorative detail, but won’t overdo it. Just as you wouldn’t wear polka dots and stripes at the same time, your cabinets deserve the same respect. However, the complete opposite can prove to be true if you have chosen to place traditional and simple cabinets in your room. A plain cabinet can often be boring, especially if the rest of the room doesn’t house many decorative elements. If you have a black and white kitchen with plain black cabinets, you can add a pop of color and a decorative detail by adding red door hardware to your cabinets. By fully analyzing your entire decorative situation before choosing cabinet hardware, you can be sure not to overdo it.

So whether you’ve recently installed new cabinets or you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to add some detail, color, or design into your room – door hardware to enhance your cabinet designs is a simple solution. You’ll save time and money on labor by completing the job yourself, and you’ll make a positive change within your home. The great thing about the installation of these decorative home additions is that you don’t have to be a home improvement expert to get the job done. In just a few hours, you’ll be able to see the noticeable change within your room. Without a cavalcade of tools or a hefty instruction manual, your cabinets will have a whole new look, thus reflecting on your entire room. They may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a home remodeling project, but new door hardware is certainly the most practical.

Pull Your Bathroom Designs Together With Home Hardware

Between running errands, driving the kids to school and preparing meals, fitting in time to get a massage or to treat yourself to a steam bath at your local spa salon is next to impossible for most homeowners. Finding time to even just sit down and relax is hard enough! Instead, why not redesign your own bathroom at home to provide you with a few extra comforts? Using money otherwise spent at spas and other getaways, you can remodel your bathroom for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, your new bathroom design will be there for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So if finding and scheduling sixty hassle-free, consecutive minutes to unwind and de-stress is nearly impossible, instead try to block out five minute intervals here and there; these precious moments will be equally relaxing and rewarding.

Sketch It Out
Before an artist creates a masterpiece, he usually practices the piece at least once with a sketch. When it comes to remodeling homes, you too should practice a similar pattern. Instead of taking a hammer to your shower wall or tearing up your tile flooring, sketch out what your dream bathroom designs would include-no matter what the price tag. Do not limit yourself to what you think you can afford; chances are that similar items can “do the job” and still fit into your budget. If you are unsure what you would like to include, ask around. Do-it-yourself home additions are becoming more and more common, so chances are that your neighbors, family members and friends too have completed their very own project.

Address the Issues
Like any well lived-in home, you and your family members have probably encountered a few problems with your master bathroom and/or powder room bathroom. Is there sufficient storage space? Does your shower drain slowly? Are the cabinets placed in inconvenient areas? Is there just not enough room? Most often there are low cost remedies to typical bathroom problems.

Creating additional storage space can be solved by utilizing taller, slimmer cabinet units; these units make use of the space above head that is most often forgotten about. Don’t forget the home hardware essentials such as bathroom cabinet knobs and matching locks. Also, when it comes to cabinets, be sure that your essentials match existing appliances and finishes such as the sink, drains and towel racks. In addition to adding storage space, replacing leaky, slow or clogged shower heads, drains and sinks will eliminate wasted water and cut shower times in half. Finally, if space is limited, removing a bathroom tub and installing a walk-in shower unit will immediately add floor space to your bathroom.

Get the Extras
Do you enjoy unwinding in the bath tub after a long, arduous day? Why not pamper yourself with a waterproof bath pillow? It will instantly add the comfort experienced at a spa without the price tag or need to leave your home. Bathroom extras that can transform your overall feel of this room most often include heat. After all, heat helps sooth achy muscles and relieves tension, in addition to opening your pores and expelling dirty and grim that can build up throughout your hectic day! Similar to a hot stone massage, installing a steam shower system into your shower will immediately help you relax. If adding more than one shower head seems too complex, simply replacing your existing shower head with a massaging shower head is also a solution.

Outside of the shower, adding heating elements can help maintain your relaxed state even after you’ve finished your bubble bath or daily shower. Items such as heated tiles and heated towel racks keep you warm and cozy, even during the blustery winter months. While some items are more expensive than others, investing in a few luxuries will not only enable you to reap the benefits of a relaxing bathroom but also increase the value of your home.

Home Remodeling Tips – Match Your Home Hardware

Though most people think of a new coat of paint, new cabinets, brand new wallpaper, or new carpet and other flooring when it comes to renovations, some of the best home remodeling tips focus on the smaller things. One of the easiest do it yourself home remodeling projects around has to do with your home hardware. Door knobs, lock sets, cabinet hardware, and more – all of these pieces are important, integral parts of your home that make a big impact on how your home looks as well as on how it functions.

So if you are looking for a quick update that will make major impact on any room in your home, consider swapping out your old and outdated home hardware with brand new pieces that accentuate . This is a home improvement project that will work particularly well in the bathroom or kitchen, since each of these feature cabinetry as one of the main components of the room. At first blush, kitchen cabinet handles and knobs might seem like a small detail, but the difference that well chosen and beautiful new hardware can make, even on cabinets you do not wish to repaint or refinish, is not at all small.

Choose new hardware that matches the décor of the room and you will see the whole room gain new life, giving it a pulled together and polished appearance that looks “done.” Decide which element of the room you want to play up. For example, for a rustic, country kitchen style, ceramic knobs and pulls add a charming touch that meshes well. If your kitchen is modern with stainless steel appliances, then choose stainless steel hardware to keep the theme going. Victorian themed kitchens will look great with glass knobs, and for a warm and inviting look, check out oil rubbed bronze knobs, pulls and handles that will look great in any kitchen aiming for an elegant yet cozy atmosphere. And then you can take that polished, finished look one step further by matching door hardware like door knobs to your new kitchen cabinet hardware.

Changing out your home hardware is a relatively inexpensive project that can be completed on your own in just an afternoon’s time. You can even purchase templates from the hardware store that help make positioning the new cabinet knobs and pulls correctly a breeze, and once you’ve finished, you can sit back and be pleased with the way it brightens up the whole room.

Victorian Era Architectural Styles and Home Hardware

The Victorian architectural style and the home hardware produced during this time (1825-1900) is not one specific type of hardware but rather an eclectic mix of various styles that were popular and classified as Victorian Era hardware after the fact. Most notably during this time home decorating became more ornate and reflected the changing social and economic revolutions that were occurring in the United States. The industrial revolution brought mass production of goods and beautiful home hardware was no longer only accessible to the “upper class” of society. The newly formed middle class in America embraced these new architectural styles and filled their home with a variety of popular trends.

Depending on the taste of the inhabitants the doorknob sets, cabinet hardware, window hardware and home hardware could vary widely. In some homes a very ornate style (sometimes referred to during this time as romantic because of the emphasis on flowers and nature motifs) was used while in others more geometric designs (such as the Eastlake design) were extremely popular. Solid brass was used for its strength and the ability to cast in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Some of the most popular styles included Gothic Revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne and Stick Style. The trademark features of each style varied slightly with different emphasis being placed on window design, roofing, exterior decorative elements and interior home hardware patterns.

Victorian style hardware is produced today and can be used in both older Victorian homes and modern houses. It is a timeless addition to any room and can transform an entire room with little effort. Older and worn furniture can be transformed by replacing the original knobs with elegant designs and doorknob sets can be easily replaced to become a wonderful focal point. Interior and exterior Victorian style is available and makes it extremely easy to create a new and beautiful theme throughout your entire home. Remember that these styles were used interchangeably during the Victorian era so you can use a variety of patterns and shapes throughout your house and it will tie itself together nicely.

Victorian era hardware is readily available online and in many home decoration catalogs. Search for solid brass construction to ensure high quality and strength. Solid brass hardware is available in several finishes and can coordinate well with your existing hardware. These pieces are available online through LookInTheAttic & Company and they offer free design assistance and help.

Craftsman and Mission Style Hardware For the Home

The craftsman style of architecture in the United States was a trend that epitomized simplicity design and a rebellion against the “mass produced” architecture of the Victorian era. This style gained in popularity significantly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although its roots are British and high cost of materials and production made this style mostly accessible to upper class homes, this style came to America right at the close of the Victorian era and was embraced by the growing middle class.

Craftsman style hardware has some very trademark elements of design that set it apart from most other architectural styles. The focus of the actual “hand made” qualities emphasized the imperfections of these pieces. While earlier Victorian hardware was prized for its perfect and ornate qualities (achieved through advancements in technology), this style featured rough finishes, textured patterns and materials such as hand crafted metal and wood work.

Craftsman style homes can still be seen around the United States today. These homes focused on a more efficient design because a middle class family would have limited to no servants. The kitchen was now incorporated more fully into the home layout and connected to common areas such as the dining and living room. The kitchen became not only a work room but also an area that could be dined in (the creation of a breakfast nook came during this time period).

Most of the homes built during this period have been classified as “bungalows” and the exteriors have several key features including: deep overhanging eaves, front porch under a roof extension, tapered or square columns providing roof support, mixed construction materials and low pitched roof lines. Many famous architects (including Frank Lloyd Wright) were famous for their designs during this era.

Craftsman style home hardware can be used in a variety of areas including door knob sets, electrical wall plates, mail slots and cabinet knobs and pulls. Note: This style is often referred to as a “mission” style as they share very similar features. This hardware will be functional in design and lack unnecessary ornate details however it can still be an elegant and beautiful addition to any home. These patterns will show beautiful textures that are not available on most other styles (the “hammered” arts and crafts style is a good example of this) and will provide the additional detail most homeowners seek in their home hardware.

Craftsmen style hardware is available online and in most home hardware stores. Search for solid construction (such as brass, iron, other metals) to ensure strength and durability against standard wear and tear. Remember that replacing the original hardware is a wonderful way to increase the value and beauty of any home.