Pull Your Bathroom Designs Together With Home Hardware

Between running errands, driving the kids to school and preparing meals, fitting in time to get a massage or to treat yourself to a steam bath at your local spa salon is next to impossible for most homeowners. Finding time to even just sit down and relax is hard enough! Instead, why not redesign your own bathroom at home to provide you with a few extra comforts? Using money otherwise spent at spas and other getaways, you can remodel your bathroom for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, your new bathroom design will be there for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So if finding and scheduling sixty hassle-free, consecutive minutes to unwind and de-stress is nearly impossible, instead try to block out five minute intervals here and there; these precious moments will be equally relaxing and rewarding.

Sketch It Out
Before an artist creates a masterpiece, he usually practices the piece at least once with a sketch. When it comes to remodeling homes, you too should practice a similar pattern. Instead of taking a hammer to your shower wall or tearing up your tile flooring, sketch out what your dream bathroom designs would include-no matter what the price tag. Do not limit yourself to what you think you can afford; chances are that similar items can “do the job” and still fit into your budget. If you are unsure what you would like to include, ask around. Do-it-yourself home additions are becoming more and more common, so chances are that your neighbors, family members and friends too have completed their very own project.

Address the Issues
Like any well lived-in home, you and your family members have probably encountered a few problems with your master bathroom and/or powder room bathroom. Is there sufficient storage space? Does your shower drain slowly? Are the cabinets placed in inconvenient areas? Is there just not enough room? Most often there are low cost remedies to typical bathroom problems.

Creating additional storage space can be solved by utilizing taller, slimmer cabinet units; these units make use of the space above head that is most often forgotten about. Don’t forget the home hardware essentials such as bathroom cabinet knobs and matching locks. Also, when it comes to cabinets, be sure that your essentials match existing appliances and finishes such as the sink, drains and towel racks. In addition to adding storage space, replacing leaky, slow or clogged shower heads, drains and sinks will eliminate wasted water and cut shower times in half. Finally, if space is limited, removing a bathroom tub and installing a walk-in shower unit will immediately add floor space to your bathroom.

Get the Extras
Do you enjoy unwinding in the bath tub after a long, arduous day? Why not pamper yourself with a waterproof bath pillow? It will instantly add the comfort experienced at a spa without the price tag or need to leave your home. Bathroom extras that can transform your overall feel of this room most often include heat. After all, heat helps sooth achy muscles and relieves tension, in addition to opening your pores and expelling dirty and grim that can build up throughout your hectic day! Similar to a hot stone massage, installing a steam shower system into your shower will immediately help you relax. If adding more than one shower head seems too complex, simply replacing your existing shower head with a massaging shower head is also a solution.

Outside of the shower, adding heating elements can help maintain your relaxed state even after you’ve finished your bubble bath or daily shower. Items such as heated tiles and heated towel racks keep you warm and cozy, even during the blustery winter months. While some items are more expensive than others, investing in a few luxuries will not only enable you to reap the benefits of a relaxing bathroom but also increase the value of your home.