How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

How to choose cabinet hardware doesn’t have to be a totally mind numbing experience. While it can be really overwhelming once you see all the options out there it really isn’t that hard to narrow down your choices based on the type of cabinet that you have. You’ll need to choose what type of handles the cabinets will have as well as what kind of hinge hardware to use.

First things first, where is the cabinet? Is this a kitchen job or are you decorating a game room or living room?

For non kitchen rooms you’ll want to go with a design that fits the room theme. For instance if you have a bar then you can find cute little brass wine bottle handles to attach. If it’s a poker themed game room you can even make your own knobs.

To make a poker chip knob just epoxy a bolt onto the back of a poker chip and install it in the cabinet.

Those are just a few tips for non traditional cabinets. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Now if you’re installing stuff in the kitchen then you’ll probably want something a little bit less outlandish.

For natural wood cabinets you need to look for traditional hardware items. These are typically ironwork or brass finished handles. They add a touch of class to the cabinets. If you have particularly heavy looking cabinets then you’ll need oversized chunky hardware to balance out the look. A dainty knob on large pieces will make it look misshapen.

A great new trend out there is stainless steel cabinets. The sleek modern look of steel doesn’t work well with protrusions. Instead stainless steel needs a flush mount set of hardware to help maintain its sleek look. These are typically custom built into the door during initial construction. If not then you’ll need to get some flanged inset cut handles.

Moving out of the kitchen let’s look at hardware for the utility room cabinets. Obviously these aren’t going to have the same kind of intricate detail as something in a living area. Here you just want to go with functional. Pick up some cheap aluminum handles that will screw directly into the pressboard and laminate cabinets. The holes for these are already predrilled. If you happen to just need to replace one knob that’s popped off you can just upsize the knob with one that has a slightly larger bolt.

How to choose cabinet hardware depends on a few factors. What room is the cabinet in, is it going onto a signature piece or a cheap laundry room style commercial cabinet? The size, shape and even the cost of cabinet hardware will vary depending on the usage.

One last thing to consider when buying new cabinet hardware though is that you’ll need to buy handles and hinges in the same finish. If you start mixing and matching the cabinets will just look off and not have that professional look. Shopping around is going to be the best idea out there.